Thursday, 3 November 2011

Building Resume: How to Write Professional Experiences

“Place your focus on the value you have delivered to your previous employers
and the value you bring to a new organization”
Professional Experience is the section in your resume where you get the chance to draw the attention of the reader by highlighting your work experience, academic career and achievements. You need to give a little more time in writing this section as each word in this section really matters a lot.
Your task here is to briefly and aggressively highlight your professional experience. You must discuss the four important things:

What did the company do?
Tell about the company for example whether the company is a telecommunication operator, Internet Service Provider or a Vendor Company, little information that is sufficient for the reader.

Your challenge
Tell briefly about the organization and try to answer these questions, why did they hire you? Was it to manage the “status-quo” or did you have a special mission?

Your accountability
What was your job? How did you accomplish your tasks?

Your achievements
How did you contribute? What did you produce?

Achievement lets you distinguish yourself from number of other qualified candidates. You prove your worth and contributions to the organization. Recruiter gets to know your qualities and understands the importance of your role in the organization. Achievement are important because it increases the chances for an interview call provided written nicely. For example if two candidates have the same qualification and experience in the relevant field, achievements will distinguish them both. Remember you got to be very careful in mentioning your achievements.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions may begin with the small introductory paragraph detailing your tasks and duties followed by the bulleted list of your achievements and contributions. Actually you need to let your reader know that you have the consistent nature of performing well, the idea is to make a significant impact. Tell your reader, “This is what I did and this is how well I did it.
Your main focus should be on the achievements you made in earlier positions as this gives idea to the reader how well you served organizations in past. Keep the format same throughout your resume and try best to keep things as brief as possible. It is not necessary to mention your responsibilities in earlier positions unless than were unusual.
How far back in time do you go when listing your employment experience? It is important to note that some of the positions you seek have age limits or some recruiters are extra cautious about the age. You certainly do not want to disqualify yourself because of your age. If you graduated in the recent past say 1985-1990, include the employment history. It is not necessary to include much details about the early position, you can list them or summarize them in a paragraph, what is important is your career progression. If you graduated prior to 1985-1990 you are advised to cut the employment history at some point and summarize the past experiences. In next article will be discussing about the other sections in resume i.e. Education, Publications and other experiences.

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