Saturday, 3 December 2011

Learn To Market Yourself

“Let your resume speak for you,
use words that matter”

Companies spend billions of dollars each year to advertise their products. Without any look at the previous market impact of the product, it is continuously promoted by putting huge investments. Around the world, television programmes do not run without commercials (source of revenue generating), and sporting events are delayed in order for the viewers to receive ‘a message from our sponsor’.

The most important reason for a song to be successful is that how well the song was marketed, a research made by the radio programme. Whether the source of the marketing was television or You Tube, success wasn’t simply down to the quality of the song.

That’s a lesson we could all learn from.

It may seem very odd, individuals can also be considered as products/items. When they apply for a job or sell their services, they sell their skills, qualification, experience, qualities and potential. It doesn’t matter how excellent a ‘product’ the person is, the success for winning a job

or achieving the perfect career goal to a greater extent lies in the fact that how well individuals market themselves.

The most indispensible, fruitful and effective marketing tool an individual can have when hunting for a job or promoting themselves is a Curriculum Vitae (in short CV) also known as Resume.


Rapidly growing society, advancement in the technology and emphasis on ‘efficiency’ has led to the devaluation of the labor force. Human intervention has been reduced in every field and industry. Computers and automatic systems have occupied the most positions in the market. The competition has increased enormously while the opportunities are limited. Economic realities mean:

· In order to fulfill the financial needs of the family women are being forced to work.

· There is almost no market for fresh graduates, which in turn means that the market already has plenty of qualified people, with little or no experience.

· A ‘job for life’ is becoming the exception rather than the norm.

· People who served their entire lives in one industry now seeking alternative jobs because of reorganizations within companies.

· Most of the fresh graduates or self employed people opt to work on short term projects.

· By now people should be willing to work on a contract basis, without any job security.

· Working hours have been changed, people are ready to work in nights even though they realize that home life may suffer due to the time spent at work. Whilst many are not able to find even part-time job.

These statements may seem stark, but this is reality and these are the circumstances people are finding themselves in.

The CV may not be a magic wand and it may not be the solution to all our problems. But it is for sure the first and the most vital instrument to win you a job. Your resume is that powerful tool which can give you a call for an interview. It is only possible when individuals are motivated and have self-belief, those who think it is a time to bring change and trust their potential for them CV is an important marketing tool.

Who needs a CV?

School/college leavers
Careers changers
Those made redundant

When do we need a CV?

When applying for:

– Internships
– Job
– Agency work
– Voluntary work
– Full and part time work
– Consultancy work
– Temporary work
– Academia (MS or PHD)

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