Sunday, 27 November 2011

Resume Writing Two Rules To Live By

“Position yourself as the no.1 candidate.
Let the competition work to keep pace with you!”

Rule 1 - Perfection Is Mandatory

Visual display and perfection are crucial! The quality and standard of your resume presentation is almost as vital as the material it contains. Quality catches the attention of the reader and will instantly give you an edge over your competitors.

Remember, people do not setup a meeting. They match resumes. Make sure that your resume shows your style and quality. If it is badly prepared and offered to the recruiters, no matter what it says - no one will read it.

Rule 2 - No Two Resumes Are Identical

Each and every resume is different. Your task is to make an earnest effort to develop a resume that will efficiently market your qualifications, credentials, achievements and distinguish you from the other candidates applying for the same position. There are no set rules for writing style, format, typing or printing. People are different, employment background and/or histories are distinct from each other, career objectives too vary and resumes are different.

Each of the resume samples that I would be posting in upcoming articles are “real-life” examples (specifics have been changed to protect privacy). What’s more important, each of these resumes has worked in opening doors, getting interviews and helping to close top-level management opportunities. Use the sample resumes to extract and develop your own ideas and solution to your high profile and high performing resume that will ease and accelerate the process of job hunt.

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