Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rules for Resume Writing

On the one hand, this is often nice. You have got millions of space for creativity and aptitude in presenting your qualifications. On the opposite hand, it usually makes the task tougher. If there aren't any rules, no styles and no tactical, how are you presupposed to recognize what to do? It often becomes a complex and hectic process.

But, it can even be fun, decisive and extremely worthwhile once you are finished. There's very little else that's as personally and professionally rewarding than to look at your own resume, your credentials, your skills and your overall glamorous career. It's energizing, morally supportive and a key part to your successful job search campaign!

Definitely, you’ll wish to incorporate your professional and academic credentials in your resume. Apart from that, there is no restriction on the content you include, how, what and where you embody it there are no limits. Most of the information you provide must be relevant it will increase your chances for selection.

The single most important component in determining what data to incorporate in your resume is your current objective(s). Your resume should support your current goals, highlight your professional and academia experience and skills most associated with those goals, and favorably position you for the position you're seeking.

Here’s a fast example. Let’s say that from 1995 to 2005 you were General Manager of a reputed company. Then, from 2005 till date, you were Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Nowadays you want to get back to the position of General Manager. To achieve your current goal what skills, credentials, responsibilities should be highlighted in your resume? General management, though it is your most recent experience before working as a Vice President. If your goal is sales and marketing management, the strategy would be precisely the opposite.

I usually call this as a “perfect snapshot”. In alternative words, you appropriately weight your skills and knowledge, focusing to the areas that are most suitably in line with your current goals. Your audience will be most interested to know what is significant in your job search today.

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